Established in 2005 Nugent Coachworks designs, fabricates and manufactures a range slide-back bodies and recovery systems with deck lengths ranging from 14′-27′ and deck capacities from 2000kg – 20,000kg.

Smooth Release Body
Using only the highest standards of components, Nugent Coachworks smooth flow hydraulic package offers a body release system which allows for both swift body movement or slow precision adjustment.

Hand Held Remote Control Function
Nugent Coachworks provides an easy to use hand held remote control system as standard with a one button on, one button off system. This allows full visual access to your vehicle as you remove or return your body, you can ensure that optimum work practice, best H&S practice and product longevity are facilitated.

Fully Galvanised Under Chassis
Providing the necessary structure for attaching your recovery body to your chassis, Nugent Coachworks galvanised under chassis is one thing less to worry about. Durable and rust free giving you the life long protection you require. Hydraulic plumbing and wiring is incorporated into the chassis design for protection and aesthetic appeal.

Fully Galvanised Spectacle Lift
With variable height and extension, the Nugent Coachworks fully galvanised 1.5tonne swl spec lift with low profile spec head, complete with lock and check valves for added safety and peace of mind, gives you a balanced system for second vehicle transport.

Aluminium Side Skirt and Mudguard Package
The side skirt and mudguard package incorporates a tool box and valve chest box. The light weight and rust free aluminium gives the perfect finish to your lorry.

Remote Control Hydraulic Winch
Allowing for full functionality, the 10,000lb line winch, complete with remote function complements any Nugent recovery body.

Custom Made Ram System
Due to the differences on chassis and owner requirements, Nugent Coachworks engineers custom order all hydraulic cylinders to give you a suitable loading angle for your body. Using lock and check systems for added safety, your body holds secure in any position.

Aluminium Tail Board
Nugent Coachworks rear tail board is colour coded and includes number plate lights, work lights and tail lights.

Lashing Ties
Ten lashing ties allow you to secure your load comfortably first time regardless of vehicle load length.

Incorporated Flyer
Nugent Coachworks strengthened flyer adds style and finish to your body. The inbuilt tail-lights and work light feature makes sure that your vehicle is well lit and visible, even when the body is off.

High Quality Beacon
Positioned on top of the flyer Nugent Coachworks provides a 5′ top quality, four rotator beacon with illuminated centre as standard.

In Cab Illuminated Switches
In order for you to keep the conversion of you chassis as tidy as possible we provide PAS 43 compliant illuminated beacon and work light switches fitted neatly into your dashboard, as well as mounted PTO switch.

1 Year Guarantee
Our one year guarantee cover is backed by the manufacturers of all our high quality components giving you added peace of mind.

 Please contact Nugent Coachworks on +44 (0) 28 8775 9413