Top Benefits Of Using A Nugent Plant Trailer

Professionals rely on a rugged and durable Plant trailer to easily tow heavy yet compact machinery from site to site, such as a small digger or a tree chipper.

The Nugent Plant trailer supports the weight of machinery whilst being lightweight enough to maintain top towing performance. It guarantees top functionality from its features across the 2700Kg and 3500Kg trailer range.

Structural integrity

Maintaining maximum strength of the trailer is priority. Its cleverly designed weight to load ratio ensures a sturdy trailer with a large payload. The front of the trailer and under the floor are reinforced using high-grade steel. As well as the straight drawbar which is manufactured from strong S460 Domex material. The front drawbar mounts and the corner braces link the chassis structure together to ensure a sturdy trailer body.

Coming soon– Improved trailer body design at the front, through smoother box sides as the non-folding rivets are removed preventing anything from catching on the sides of the trailer where the rivets stick out. There is a new rear channel box section too which joins the trailer chassis structure together.


Easy Loading Angle

Accessibility is key. The fully welded ramp tail door easily opens at a loading angle of 15.5°, which facilitates low and easy loading of equipment on the go. Ideal for equipment with low ground clearance. The full ramp door provides support for wider machinery too. It has the lowest centre of gravity on the market, with a bed height of only 405mm. The heavy-duty mesh design provides machinery with extra grip when loading.

Integrated prop stands offer stability and are adjustable to suit various loading heights. The gas assisted strut also aids the full ramp door to drop down softly onto the ground.

Previously the skids would have mostly been used compared to the full ramp tail door, but nowadays the ramp door has become more popular. The optional 1900mm single skid ramps allow for a lower loading angle of 11°, for machinery such as a 2800Kg digger. These skids are also available in 1400mm for the smaller sized plant trailer which offers the 15.5° loading angle. The ramps have padded feet to prevent any damage to the ground when loading. The Nugent Plant Trailer has one of the best loading angles of any Plant Trailer on the market.

Safe towing

Safety is a top priority when towing heavy machinery considering the implications if the load were to move or fall. The bow shackles also are used when securing any equipment for towing.

Taking the size of the machinery into consideration, having clear visibility of the trailer is key. Visibility is improved through standard LED lighting and end outline marker lamps which are flexible to prevent damage. They stick out from the sides of the trailer and bend forwards and backwards, helping to prevent any bumps in darker conditions.

The patented Dual Drive parabolic spring system provides improved suspension and a smoother journey as it absorbs the shock and vibration from the roads and any potholes. Reducing the risk of the trailer load moving around and reducing rattle on the road. Furthermore, there is a full market leading Knott Avonride braking system too, from the hitch through to the axles, providing efficient and smooth braking.

Special Features

  • The load bearing galvanised steel mudguards come as standard with an anti-slip tape for easier access; aiding stepping on and off the trailer safely.
  • Machinery is supported with the standard bucket rest by stabilising the load as it is designed to lock in the bucket to the trailer. Reducing any rattle and movement of machinery on the move.
  • The trailer is strengthened through its steel drawbar to ensure top towing performance. It is specially designed to be extra-long, providing clearance between the vehicle and machinery being towed. The C-pattern curve in the steel further ties in the design of the drawbar.

The Nugent Plant trailer is every professional’s choice for moving equipment easily from A to B; from it being structurally sound and reliably built, to being equipped for road safety.

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