Nugent Box


The Nugent Box is designed using 25mm anodised aluminium planking sides and a bespoke aerodynamic GRP nose and roof, offering lightweight strength and style for your business. With an 11˚ loading angle, it’s ideal for equipment with low ground clearance. The Nugent Box is available in 8ft single axle, 10ft and 12ft twin axle model.

Top Benefits Of Using A Nugent Plant Trailer

Professionals rely on a rugged and durable Plant trailer to easily tow heavy yet compact machinery from site to site, such as a small digger or a tree chipper. The Nugent Plant trailer supports the weight of machinery whilst being lightweight enough to maintain top towing performance. It guarantees top functionality from its features across the 2700Kg and 3500Kg

Efficiency of the Nugent Tipper Trailer

Busy industry professionals require a top performance; when it comes to an efficient tipping experience. The Nugent Tipper trailer provides a successful tip by increasing productivity and time efficiency on the job. Notably, but not only due to its ability to tip multiple times without recharging and its flexibility of tipping methods. Why convenience is

Keeping Your Livestock Safe During Transportation

How do you safeguard your precious cargo during transportation? A strong Livestock trailer is not only useful to transport your Livestock back and forth, but also designed with numerous safety features in mind. Considering how Livestock could easily become distressed or injured on long journeys, ensuring their wellbeing is of the utmost importance. Our in-house Design Engineers


The Nugent Tiltbed trailer range is designed and manufactured with the versatility of the Nugent Flatbed with a 12˚ loading angle for machinery with a lower ground clearance. With full type approval (ECWVTA), they’re manufactured with a strong fully welded and galvanised chassis, ensuring maximum strength and durability, load capacity, flexibility and safety. Innovative chassis