Efficiency of the Nugent Tipper Trailer

Busy industry professionals require a top performance; when it comes to an efficient tipping experience. The Nugent Tipper trailer provides a successful tip by increasing productivity and time efficiency on the job. Notably, but not only due to its ability to tip multiple times without recharging and its flexibility of tipping methods.

Why convenience is key when tipping

Tip without obstruction. Our folded side panels are a one-piece design to ensure material isn’t caught between any side posts during the tip. The trailer tips towards the backboard, away from the lights, ensuring a smooth experience with visible lighting.

High Tipping Angle up to 55° guarantees a swift and smooth tipping experience, depositing all contents of the load. Tip anything from grass cuttings, rubbish, to logs and heavier materials.

Choose your tipping method. Tip from one of three ways; using the manual pump handle, the wired remote or using the optional extra connection through Bluetooth via the NugentBT app.

Flexibility at your fingertips. Operate with convenience even from a distance of approximately 25 meters when using the optional Bluetooth app to tip, reducing the need to stand beside the trailer and risk injury from falling material.

Safe and secure. The wired remote is stowed away in the storage box. Extra tipping gear is stored underneath the trailer, including the pump and battery to protect them from damage.

Hard steel floor ensures there is less need for constant maintenance and repairs. Its sturdy structure prevents scratches and damage when tipping gritty or rough materials.


Fewer distractions on the road. Non-rattle rubber grommets and bespoke rubber ties reduce noise for the driver. Furthermore, the Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension system ensures a smooth journey with less vibration on the road.

 Optional hinged mesh sides provide easy access to the load with one swift movement, and retention of materials from transport to tip. Manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, increasing the trailer’s longevity.

Plenty of storage options. There is an optional lockable and reinforced polypropylene toolbox for storing extra straps or materials. The lockable ramp carrier is standard, which is stored underneath to maintain the trailer’s minimal appearance, yet providing maximum convenience and easy access.

Retractable flush lashing points. These not only help to contain larger loads of material but also allow a clean tip with no leftover material in the nooks and crannies of the trailer bed.

LED lighting aids tipping in dark conditions. Individual lights have their own cable to the junction box. This uninterrupted lighting system makes replacements easier if faults occur.

Multiple tips without recharging. The battery is tested for up to 50 tips to allow minimal time spent charging and enough power to get the job done.


Further convenience is provided through the several lashing points on each size of the Tipper trailer, aiding retention of materials on the move.

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