Employee Testimonial – Emma

We recently caught up with Emma to find out how she is getting on in Nugent as Apprentice Production Planner, and what she does in a week. Read on to find out how Emma has progressed in her role.

Emma, tell us about your role at Nugent.

Every day is different in my role, I wear many hats.

From production planning, coordinating order changes and helping to improve quality, to carrying out risk assessments on the Health & Safety team. Balance in workload is key for me. I plan when trailers are going to be made and ensure materials are organised on time. Printing orders for the trailer assembly team on a weekly basis is my responsibility; to let them know what to produce. Working alongside different team members to reduce any surplus or waste and prioritise stock levels. Also, to improve production times, making processes more efficient.

There are plenty of new challenges. I like that I am kept on my toes at Nugent. The opportunity to progress into other areas from when I first started with the company, and to gain a range of experience is important to me. To be able to see which different areas of work suit me. I am not stuck with a set workload, and it’s great that I can develop all kinds of skills for the future.

What do you like most about working here?

There is no chance of boredom during the week. I enjoy how varied the role is, and the teams I have the chance to work alongside to solve problems.

Do you have any advice for someone considering this role as a career?

Having good communication skills is key; not only to making sure production is on point and processes go smoothly, but to improve team work too. You will be constantly learning something new; every day is a school day.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

Outside of work I like to relax with my friends, or you will find me trying to plan my next holiday. I have two dogs at home also so they keep me busy.

Watch this space for more insights into Nugent employees’ roles and experiences!

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