Employee Testimonial- Jamie

Find out what Jamie has to say about his experience at Nugent so far.

Jamie is currently on placement at Nugent as an Apprentice Cut Shop Operative. He is studying in Ulster University within a Foundation Degree in Engineering with specialisms in Manufacturing.

How did you join Nugent?

Growing up I always had a notion of farming, and I was swayed towards machinery. Throughout school I had a keen interest in technology and engineering, and I knew I wanted to get more involved in making machinery.

Nugent was in my local area and the apprenticeship sounded like a great opportunity, so I decided to apply just before I finished school.

Outside of work I use a few Nugent trailers, so I was keen to find out more about the company and the fact that they build machinery too.

Now I’ve been here for around 4 months and I’m loving every minute of it.

How would you describe a typical week in your role at Nugent?

My week would mostly consist of coming in in the mornings and starting to get the machines ready for the day. All of the materials that would be cut from the laser plasma machine would come to me to be folded into the right shape. Then I would sort the materials into different pallets depending on what it is needed for, then it would be sent to be galvanised or welded into larger pieces.

What do you like most about your job?

The best part for me is getting to work with friends who have a keen interest in what you do. They are a great bunch.

Employee testimonial Jamie

What advice would you give to someone considering this role as a career?

The main bit of advice I have for someone who is new into engineering is to take in as much as you can from the job as you will be continuously learning on the job no matter what you’re doing. Make the most of the experience. An apprenticeship is a great opportunity.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of work I lend a hand with a local contractor too around the country, which keeps me busy. It involves jobs around the farm and a bit of landscaping too.

I would normally play hockey too but not as much lately due to Covid.

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