Variety of Engineering Apprenticeships at Nugent

We are currently recruiting a variety of apprentices at all levels. Our apprenticeships are varied, encompassing a range of engineering topics, which will suit all interests and levels of study.

Hannah Maneely, current Apprentice Production Engineer at Nugent, who was recently shortlisted in the NI Higher Level Apprentice of the Year category enjoys the practical experience.

“An apprenticeship has allowed me to work in the engineering industry whilst studying one day a week at South West College. It provides me with a hands-on approach to my learning and development as I can apply knowledge gained in the workplace into my studies, and vice versa.  Earning while you learn allows me to save for my future as I don’t have to worry about paying tuition fees.”

As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to get the best possible start in their career. Gerard Morris, parent of current Apprentice Robotics Engineer Matthew Morris, has been impressed with the apprenticeship scheme that we provide.

“… Matthew and I discussed his career options and we agreed that an apprenticeship was the way forward for him. I asked around, looked at a few companies and decided to get in touch with Nugent Engineering. The apprenticeship shows him how the theory that they are learning in class is put into the practice in a real work environment. He is supported through his apprenticeship by his mentors and colleagues and seems to be really enjoying it; which in turn keeps him focused on getting his school work done. I would happily recommend Nugent to anyone looking for an apprenticeship in engineering.”

We appreciate the role that apprenticeships play and have supported them over recent years. Investing in these ambitious apprentices helps to further not only their individual growth but also that of the company.

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