How to check the height of the towball when coupling

Don’t forget to check the height of the trailer towball in comparison to the towing vehicle before your journey. The trailer towball height must be correctly aligned to:

  • Prevent any wear or damage to the axles if the weight of the load were unbalanced at one side.
  • Stabilise the weight of the trailer and towing vehicle.
  • Prevent either vehicle from snaking or even causing an accident on the road.

Find our step-by-step guide below to checking your towball height when coupling:

1. Attach the breakaway cable.


2. Lower trailer using jockey wheel.


3. Ensure the towball is at the correct height with the vehicle when coupling.


4. Once coupled, wind the jockey wheel in the opposite direction to ensure correct positioning.


5. Stowing the trailer; wind the jockey wheel & tighten.


6. Attach jockey wheel key.


7. Connect lights- twist & lock.


8. Release handbreak.


Happy towing!

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