The Nugent Quad Trailer; Every Farmer’s Friend


Every farmer needs a compact but capable trailer, equipped to tackle a range of jobs around the farm. The Nugent Quad trailer is not only the smallest in the range but it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It is conveniently designed to be towed by all quad bikes to provide extra capacity.

Adrian from the Youtube channel IFarmWeFarm recently shared his first impressions of his new Nugent Quad trailer. (Watch the video here, from 19:23 minutes onwards).

“A lovely, compact, little trailer.”

Adrian was experiencing issues with his previous trailer, in particular with the wheels which made it bounce a lot when towing. Whereas the Nugent Quad trailer ATV standard wheels solved the issue by stabilising the trailer through a larger surface area, spreading the weight of the load and ensuring a swift off-road journey across various terrain. Also, the standard mudguards, ensure load and driver protection from dirt and debris especially when driving through muddy fields. Adrian found the trailer to be lighter and easier to tow than his previous trailer. Getting goods from A to B has never been easier.


Unlike other trailers, the Nugent Quad trailer is sturdy, even when you remove one of its sides to easily access materials in the load. It isn’t necessary to remove all of the sides, as this trailer is well supported.

It is built for agricultural and domestic use, with its optional high sides allowing users to easily load different sizes of goods or Livestock. Its lightweight frame makes it easier to manoeuvre, without compromising its ruggedness. It’s strong enough to tow the weight of small livestock, wheelbarrows, or even materials like small fencing posts. Its optional aluminium checker plate floor provides additional grip for livestock.

Quad lamb divider

Load small animals easily with the ramp door, or use the lamb door inside for easy access without letting the ramp down. Lamb safety was also taken into consideration when designing the trailer. Through its optional and removable high sides; the front sheet is solid to stop wind and debris from irritating the animals. Furthermore, there is an optional lamb divider to protect smaller lambs during transportation.

Read more below about the Nugent Quad trailer and how it helps farmers with their daily tasks.

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