For generations the Nugent family has been steeped in agricultural traditions. Using his engineering expertise to facilitate his requirements on the farm, Sean Nugent began the manufacture of Cattle Crushes to handle and restrain the animal and this is where the Nugent story began over 30 years ago.

Nugent has developed the range to suit demanding Irish breeds, offering heavy duty crushes to suit heavier handling and constantly developing the range to specialise in the design and manufacture of some of the finest crushes on the market today. New methods of production have translated to product innovations and designs, bringing Nugent to the cutting edge of agricultural equipment design, with an extensive and flexible range of cattle handling equipment.

As leaders in the Irish market, Nugent has invested heavily in research and development and has brought to market a new generation of versatile, robust, heavy duty crushes providing excellent access for general handling.

Nugent Cattle Crushes are designed to suit the demands of the modern day farmer, whilst safeguarding the welfare and safety of both the animal and handler.

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The Nugent Universal Cattle Tech is fitted with a robust auto lock head gate and is designed for all round speedy handling of demanding livestock in today’s commercial beef farms. The adjustable head locking gate makes it suitable for animals of all sizes and neck inspection gate allows easy neck inspection for TB testing and injecting. A combination of side doors allow a choice of access points to facilitate everything from hoof care to full access for caesarean procedures.


The Nugent Universal 2000 crush is designed to give farmers clear access where needed. Its robust structure more than meets the demands of the farmer’s everyday needs, as well as having clear design features to ensure the safety of the user and limit stress for both livestock and user. The Uni 2000 has various standard features including 3 point linkage, back bar and handle, and removable side piping for open access.


The Nugent Portable Crush is designed to be robust and practical, as well as achieving maximum access on one side. Fitted with a 3-point linkage system, the crush is easily transported between farming locations.


The Nugent Universal Hoof Tech is designed by professional hoof-care experts to reduce stress on livestock during the hoof-trimming process by ensuring secure restraints and controlled lifting and lowering of the animal.


Today’s leading farmers recognise that live animal weighing is an essential part of effective farm management. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate. The Nugent Weigh Platform ensures the modern farmer has an effective solution for all weighing requirements.

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