International Women in Engineering Day 2022

This Thursday 23rd June is International Women in Engineering Day. To celebrate the day, we recognise the women that play a significant part across all functions of the company. From being the first point of contact with customers and suppliers, strategizing and promoting, order planning, to processing and sending Nugent products out the door on their way to customers.

Read how each member below plays their part:


HR: “We look after employee wellbeing, prepare payroll, co-ordinate training, help organise employee initiatives, recruit and support supervisors and line managers with employee matters.

Marketing: “We are responsible for the Nugent brand strategy across many marketing platforms.”

Production Planning: I plan the weekly orders for the trailer assembly team to produce.”

Design Engineer: I am involved with analysing the technical specification and individual design of each trailer.”

Production Engineer: “I help to organise and fit parts in trailer assembly.”

Accounts: “We look after the accounts of Nugent suppliers and dealers, ensuring all payments in and out are made on time.”

Canteen: “We provide Nugent staff with a range of breakfast and lunch meals throughout the week, and also welcome locals who visit from time to time.

Front of House: “I am the first point of contact for anyone who calls or visits the site, welcoming them and dealing with any queries.

Sales: “I represent UK Nugent sales, dealing directly with customer enquiries & securing orders.”

Purchasing: “I source and negotiate the cost of materials, ensuring the production team have all the supplies they need.”

Fitter: “I have gained first hand experience through fitting the trailers and helping to complete orders within trailer assembly.”

Quality Engineer: I check the trailers being assembled to ensure top quality products are being produced to Nugent’s high standards.”

Housekeeping: “I maintain the workplace to make it a nice environment to work in.”

Robotics: “I help bring innovation to Nugent’s production techniques.”

Payroll: “I ensure that everyone gets paid for the part they play within the company.

If you are interested in developing your skills and taking the next step in your career path, give our HR team a call on 028 8775 8583 or email jobs@nugentengineering.com.

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