30th August 2021


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26th July 2021


Every farmer needs a compact but capable trailer, equipped to tackle a range of jobs around the farm. The Nugent Quad trailer is not only the smallest in the range but it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It is conveniently designed to be towed by all quad bikes to provide extra capacity.

Adrian from the Youtube channel IFarmWeFarm recently shared his first impressions of his new Nugent Quad trailer. (Watch the video here, from 19:23 minutes onwards).

“A lovely, compact, little trailer.”

Adrian was experiencing issues with his previous trailer, in particular with the wheels which made it bounce a lot when towing. Whereas the Nugent Quad trailer ATV standard wheels solved the issue by stabilising the trailer through a larger surface area, spreading the weight of the load and ensuring a swift off-road journey across various terrain. Also, the standard mudguards, ensure load and driver protection from dirt and debris especially when driving through muddy fields. Adrian found the trailer to be lighter and easier to tow than his previous trailer. Getting goods from A to B has never been easier.

Unlike other trailers, the Nugent Quad trailer is sturdy, even when you remove one of its sides to easily access materials in the load. It isn’t necessary to remove all of the sides, as this trailer is well supported.

It is built for agricultural and domestic use, with its optional high sides allowing users to easily load different sizes of goods or Livestock. Its lightweight frame makes it easier to manoeuvre, without compromising its ruggedness. It’s strong enough to tow the weight of small livestock, wheelbarrows, or even materials like small fencing posts. Its optional aluminium checker plate floor provides additional grip for livestock.

Load small animals easily with the ramp door, or use the lamb door inside for easy access without letting the ramp down. Lamb safety was also taken into consideration when designing the trailer. Through its optional and removable high sides; the front sheet is solid to stop wind and debris from irritating the animals. Furthermore, there is an optional lamb divider to protect smaller lambs during transportation.

Read more below about the Nugent Quad trailer and how it helps farmers with their daily tasks.

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18th June 2021


Busy industry professionals require a top performance; when it comes to an efficient tipping experience. The Nugent Tipper trailer provides a successful tip by increasing productivity and time efficiency on the job. Notably, but not only due to its ability to tip multiple times without recharging and its flexibility of tipping methods.

Why convenience is key when tipping

Tip without obstruction. Our folded side panels are a one-piece design to ensure material isn’t caught between any side posts during the tip. The trailer tips towards the backboard, away from the lights, ensuring a smooth experience with visible lighting.

High Tipping Angle up to 55° guarantees a swift and smooth tipping experience, depositing all contents of the load. Tip anything from grass cuttings, rubbish, to logs and heavier materials.

Choose your tipping method. Tip from one of three ways; using the manual pump handle, the wired remote or using the optional extra connection through Bluetooth via the NugentBT app.

Flexibility at your fingertips. Operate with convenience even from a distance of approximately 25 meters when using the optional Bluetooth app to tip, reducing the need to stand beside the trailer and risk injury from falling material.

Safe and secure. The wired remote is stowed away in the storage box. Extra tipping gear is stored underneath the trailer, including the pump and battery to protect them from damage.

Hard steel floor ensures there is less need for constant maintenance and repairs. Its sturdy structure prevents scratches and damage when tipping gritty or rough materials.

Fewer distractions on the road. Non-rattle rubber grommets and bespoke rubber ties reduce noise for the driver. Furthermore, the Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension system ensures a smooth journey with less vibration on the road.

 Optional hinged mesh sides provide easy access to the load with one swift movement, and retention of materials from transport to tip. Manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, increasing the trailer’s longevity.

Plenty of storage options. There is an optional lockable and reinforced polypropylene toolbox for storing extra straps or materials. The lockable ramp carrier is standard, which is stored underneath to maintain the trailer’s minimal appearance, yet providing maximum convenience and easy access.

Retractable flush lashing points. These not only help to contain larger loads of material but also allow a clean tip with no leftover material in the nooks and crannies of the trailer bed.

LED lighting aids tipping in dark conditions. Individual lights have their own cable to the junction box. This uninterrupted lighting system makes replacements easier if faults occur.

Multiple tips without recharging. The battery is tested for up to 50 tips to allow minimal time spent charging and enough power to get the job done.

Further convenience is provided through the several lashing points on each size of the Tipper trailer, aiding retention of materials on the move.

Read more about Nugent’s Tipper Trailer efficiency below.

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27th May 2021


How do you safeguard your precious cargo during transportation?

A strong Livestock trailer is not only useful to transport your Livestock back and forth, but also designed with numerous safety features in mind. Considering how Livestock could easily become distressed or injured on long journeys, ensuring their wellbeing is of the utmost importance.

Our in-house Design Engineers continually strive to produce trailers that are not only built to last, but constantly improving the safety and towing experience for both farmer and animal. This provides farmers with peace of mind and reduced risk on the road.

Load your livestock with ease by using our non-slip ramp door with aluminium planking, and an up-step on the side of the ramp to prevent sliding or injury.

Our upper deck loading angle is less than 29 degrees aiding smaller animals. There are minimal gaps between the tail door and trailer bed, to avoid animals becoming trapped. The collection tank is also designed with small gaps to reduce this risk of entrapment. In addition, stubborn animals can be well retained by the aluminium loading gates, preventing any escapees.

Maximising airflow and ventilation are of great importance in keeping animals cool and minimising their distress. This is achieved with our sectional fold down front panels, and also our Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension system which reduces noise and vibrations from the road, resulting in less agitation.

Utilising a dividing gate is essential to separate young and old animals, ensuring sufficient space with multiple hanging points helps to avoid injury, especially with hostile animals. Furthermore, controlling the distributed weight of the load on the road reduces risk of accidents, by allowing careful planning of balancing heavier Livestock on either side of the trailer. Wheels with a larger surface area provide further stability for heavier animals.

The farmer’s safety is also covered by the inspection door, guaranteeing a safe distance and viewing point to check on the animals inside the trailer from the top inspection door without disturbing them with the bottom door.

Staying visible on the road is crucial, particularly for rural roads and in extreme weather conditions. LED lights are brighter and come as standard on all models.

Internally there is an optional extra light to aid the farmer’s visibility when loading during the darker nights. This light also encourages animals to board the trailer safely without resistance.

Overall, we provide a safe and comfortable experience for both Livestock, farmer and other road users. Learn more about how we protect animal welfare within our Livestock trailer in the link below.

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21st May 2021


“This trailer has been a revelation for us! We have a huge amount of inflatable equipment at both our sites. It’s all heavy with the largest items weighing in at up to 450kg. We also have concrete anchors to move around and crane into the lakes. Before we got the trailer it was all down to man power and so it has made our installs so much easier.”
Andrew Nightingale from Tattershall Lakes Water Park & Lincoln Water Park who bought a Nugent Hiab Crane trailer recently from our Nugent dealer Fieldview Trailers.
Wish you many more productive miles Andrew!
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29th April 2021


We are currently recruiting a variety of apprentices at all levels. Our apprenticeships are varied, encompassing a range of engineering topics, which will suit all interests and levels of study.

Hannah Maneely, current Apprentice Production Engineer at Nugent, who was recently shortlisted in the NI Higher Level Apprentice of the Year category enjoys the practical experience.

“An apprenticeship has allowed me to work in the engineering industry whilst studying one day a week at South West College. It provides me with a hands-on approach to my learning and development as I can apply knowledge gained in the workplace into my studies, and vice versa.  Earning while you learn allows me to save for my future as I don’t have to worry about paying tuition fees.”


As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to get the best possible start in their career. Gerard Morris, parent of current Apprentice Robotics Engineer Matthew Morris, has been impressed with the apprenticeship scheme that we provide.

“… Matthew and I discussed his career options and we agreed that an apprenticeship was the way forward for him. I asked around, looked at a few companies and decided to get in touch with Nugent Engineering. The apprenticeship shows him how the theory that they are learning in class is put into the practice in a real work environment. He is supported through his apprenticeship by his mentors and colleagues and seems to be really enjoying it; which in turn keeps him focused on getting his school work done. I would happily recommend Nugent to anyone looking for an apprenticeship in engineering.”

We appreciate the role that apprenticeships play and have supported them over recent years. Investing in these ambitious apprentices helps to further not only their individual growth but also that of the company.

To contact our HR department click the button below or call 028 8775 8583

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15th May 2020


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a Production / Design Engineer.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV to jobs@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday 29th May 2020

Download Full Job Description

8th January 2020


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a Qualified/Part-Qualified Accountant.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV to jobs@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday  17th January 2020

Download Full Job Description

18th November 2019


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a Marketing Executive.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV to amy.owens@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday  29th November 2019

Download Full Job Description

27th September 2019


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a Quality Engineer.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV to amy.owens@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Wednesday 9th October 2019

Download Full Job Description

31st May 2019


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a Buyer.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV and cover letter to andy@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday 14th June 2019

Download Full Job Description

7th May 2019


Due to continued expansion, we are seeking to appoint a HR Manager.

For further information and criteria, please download the job description below.

To apply: Email CV and cover letter to sinead@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday 24th May 2019

Salary negotiable depending on experience.



Download Full Job Description

7th March 2019


We are currently recruiting for a Sales Executive. The purpose of this role is to grow and maintain sales through the development of strong customer relationships. An excellent opportunity to join an expanding team with opportunities for progression in other fields.

Essential criteria:
– Proven customer support experience
– Track record of over-achieving quota
– Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening
– Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters
– Excellent communication and presentation skills
– Ability to multi-task, prioritise and manage time effectively

Desirable criteria:
– Familiar with CRM systems and practices

Salary negotiable depending on experience

Email CV and cover letter to info@nugentengineering.com

Closing date: Friday 22nd March 2019

Download Full Job Description

24th September 2018


Nugent Engineering launched their newest agricultural product at the recent National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore, County Offaly.

Manufactured in County Tyrone, the Nugent Bale Feeder complements Nugent’s existing bale handling range and is designed to save time, money and wastage on the farm whilst reducing manual handling and prioritising the safety of both animal and operative.

Capable of being used on three point linkage, front loader or farm handler, the quick-attach automated locking system eradicates manual input required from the operator, whilst bales can also be loaded and unloaded from the comfort of the cab! A rear guard is fitted as standard for extra protection and prevention of overspill, dramatically reducing wastage and keeping passages clear. A High Density Polyethylene single piece floor reduces spillage friction to allow for easier feeding.

Adjustable feed rates on the two-sided feeder can be controlled by the motor, which has been positioned through clever design to protect the user. This positioning will also ensure a maximum lifespan in combination with the zinc plated chain which protects from rust. Heavy duty tines (which can also be used as a Bale Spike) along with wide flared, easy guide cones allow for simple engaging, with a coupling designed to ensure a secure connection every time.

For further information on the Nugent Bale Feeder, visit our Homepage to locate your nearest Nugent Dealer.

21st May 2018


Nugent Engineering launched their new range of Commercial trailers at the 150th Balmoral Show in Lisburn, Northern Ireland last week.

The new edition Flatbed and Tipper trailers have been designed and manufactured to meet the demands of professional use, with the introduction of many innovative design features as standard. LED lighting is now customary across the range as well as integrated, retractable lashing points, which are level with the trailer bed, preventing debris build up. New user-friendly spring loaded flip latches on all drop sides prevent undue movement and noise, whilst hinged mesh sides allow quick and easy access to the load without the need to remove sides.

Nugent’s patented Dual Drive™ suspension features across the Commercial range and enhances the towing experience. Reduced vibrations and suspension chatter minimise stress on the chassis and shock waves to the towing vehicle, bringing trailer suspension to new levels. This comprehensive range of trailers can be used in a variety of industries where flexibility and reliability are key and the wide range of sizes available are complemented with a variety of optional extras if further customisation is required.

With full type approval (ECWVTA), they have been engineered in the Nugent tradition of strength, functionality and longevity, providing a robust and versatile solution for industries that demand constant use.

Nugent Engineering Ltd is in receipt of a grant for SFA Expansion support from Invest NI. This project which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020 aims to help facilitate the expansion of manufacturing facilities and employment growth.

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