Keeping Your Livestock Safe During Transportation

How do you safeguard your precious cargo during transportation?

A strong Livestock trailer is not only useful to transport your Livestock back and forth, but also designed with numerous safety features in mind. Considering how Livestock could easily become distressed or injured on long journeys, ensuring their wellbeing is of the utmost importance.

Our in-house Design Engineers continually strive to produce trailers that are not only built to last, but constantly improving the safety and towing experience for both farmer and animal. This provides farmers with peace of mind and reduced risk on the road.


Load your livestock with ease by using our non-slip ramp door with aluminium planking, and an up-step on the side of the ramp to prevent sliding or injury.

Our upper deck loading angle is less than 29 degrees aiding smaller animals. There are minimal gaps between the tail door and trailer bed, to avoid animals becoming trapped. The collection tank is also designed with small gaps to reduce this risk of entrapment. In addition, stubborn animals can be well retained by the aluminium loading gates, preventing any escapees.

Maximising airflow and ventilation are of great importance in keeping animals cool and minimising their distress. This is achieved with our sectional fold down front panels, and also our Dual Drive™ parabolic suspension system which reduces noise and vibrations from the road, resulting in less agitation.

Utilising a dividing gate is essential to separate young and old animals, ensuring sufficient space with multiple hanging points helps to avoid injury, especially with hostile animals. Furthermore, controlling the distributed weight of the load on the road reduces risk of accidents, by allowing careful planning of balancing heavier Livestock on either side of the trailer. Wheels with a larger surface area provide further stability for heavier animals.


The farmer’s safety is also covered by the inspection door, guaranteeing a safe distance and viewing point to check on the animals inside the trailer from the top inspection door without disturbing them with the bottom door.

Staying visible on the road is crucial, particularly for rural roads and in extreme weather conditions. LED lights are brighter and come as standard on all models.

Internally there is an optional extra light to aid the farmer’s visibility when loading during the darker nights. This light also encourages animals to board the trailer safely without resistance.

Overall, we provide a safe and comfortable experience for both Livestock, farmer and other road users. Learn more about how we protect animal welfare within our Livestock trailer in the link below.

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