Nugent Values

Over the last couple of months, we have introduced our series of Nugent Values. Read on to discover each of the values that surround our everyday operations, roles and relationships within Nugent.

INNOVATION: Our in-house design engineers work hard to continually produce the latest innovative designs across the Nugent product range.

Employees are encouraged to get involved in every aspect of the engineering process to be able to fully contribute a new perspective, fresh ideas and to improve processes.

QUALITY: Our staff carry out detailed quality checks for each product throughout all stages of production. Careful attention to detail is maintained throughout the production process, from order, planning and through to the final quality checks.

Training is an on-going part of ensuring our staff’s skills are top-notch, to continue bringing in new ideas and maintaining the high standard of quality of our Nugent products.

HONESTY: Our Nugent staff ensure transparency and honesty are at the forefront of every interaction, inside and outside of Nugent.

INTEGRITY: Each Nugent department keeps the customer at the center of every business decision. Striving to maintain a high level of customer service. This spans from new orders right through to aftersales.

RESPECT: Respect and courtesy are shown throughout the company, amongst all individual employees right through to management level. The Nugent family are at the heart of the business, therefore regardless of who enters the Nugent premises, they will be made to feel at home.


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